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To get a better understanding what is holding us back or how to get there, we highlight the most important, spiritual or mysterious subjects of this time.

Mr. Nobody invites readers to write about interesting subjects such as: 

  • Natural Law & Sovereignty

  • Wei Wuwei (the Art of not forcing) & An Act of Kindness 

  • Wetiko & Narcissism

Content from other visitors in the form of personal stories, poetry or digital art is welcome . If you send us an email, and we see it fit, your work might be featured . placed here on the website.


Mr. Nobody is excited to showcase your ideas across the world!

Are you ready to unleash your creativity and share your voice with the world? Join our vibrant community of like-minded individuals and showcase your unique perspective through your very own blog. With a supportive and engaging platform, your ideas and talents will shine brighter than ever before. Let's start this exciting journey together and inspire others with your creativity!


Life is a beautiful journey, just hang in there

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