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Walk of Love

At the end it's a beautiful love story...
A quest might be to find out 

what is true and what is false?

This has two sides of the same coin because what is true for you might be not true or not to be believed by the other. That is why it is so important to be true to yourself (without bringing yourself in danger) to find the way back to yourself. 
Learn how to recognize an unhealthy relationship and how to deal with it. You can have an unhealthy relationship with a partner, family member, a friend or with a colleague at work.

Respect and a healthy relationship is what we all deserve. 

Mutual respect and open and honest communication are key ingredients. This is not easy once you see how these dynamics operate.

Use these 3 treasures:


  1. simplicity 

  2. patience

  3. compassion for oneself

Here are some questions to think more deeply about love.
Is love something you have to believe or is it something that happens to you?
And if it happens, what do you do or how you can deal with it without losing yourself?
These points of view are good to examine, instead of avoiding them. This will benefit the experience if you ask me. Because when it is not mutual and so on, it can break your heart. And we all know or know someone who is dealing with this and there we witness, that from a broken heart self-esteem can form. That is a hard lesson and a strong experience for us humans. So strong that some of us avoid relations just for this reason alone.

This timeline of shorts will show situations that you might be in at this moment or have been trough. We give some suggestions to show what is love (genuine and honest) and what is manipulation (selfishness and lies). Maybe you start to see why it is hard to experience true love without mutual respect and open and honest communication.

It is helpful to recognise those who use 'love' for their personal gain rather than for their well-being and your well being.

Looking from different perspectives, will make you understand the patterns of behaviour of toxicity and recognise true kindness. In this way you will have choices before you start a relation, or see where you can still work on in your relation, or when the situation is getting worse, you know what is awaiting you, or see how to take action to protect yourself.

Opposite to the fake relationships that we are part of, if you are discarded or break free and hold on to the end, there will be a reward for you that will benefit the rest of your life. It is not easy, but staying is always getting worst.

Once you are able to respond to situations instead of react, you are on the right track.
Have faith friends, true love is awaiting you.
Nobody knows what we are talking about... 

    hate destroys what love builds


        ~ just be careful out there ~ 

Educate yourself and recognise what is holding you back. See how a toxic relation affects you and how to deal with it. Once you overcome and dismiss this inner demon you are ready and things start to work in your favour. Then this will become the experience that you overcame. This can support or serve others who deal with this subject or situation.

In the video library we also shine a light on:

How to: Healthy relation

check out the inspiring and funny #shorts video's

Build a healthy relationship

Why Truth?

Why truth is important in a relationship?
If you take actions based on lies you never get anywhere really. That is why truth is so important in a relation, in any relation.
Lies will dissolve into chaos when the truth comes out. So why not stop with the lies and start to be truthful. Have compassion for yourself.



Check out why



learn to stop complaining and trust you!


Victim of a toxic relationship.
What happened?


Recognize behavour


Betrayal Trauma

When a relation is intentionally broken to hurt and break you, that is what betrayal trauma is.


Fixing them will break you

You can not fix some one else


The Female Narcissist

what are there traits? 


As survivor, time to move on...
towards your highest potential!

Divine intervention

You can change how you look at the situation, this is also called your perception. Changing your perception will change your experience of life



The only way to freedom is leaving the garbage out.


Healthy Relationship

Lies can not build a relationship, it has to be embedded in the truth


Have compassion

Excuses don't help you. 

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