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Nobody Loves Me

to give you a hint...

if after reading this book you can say out loud:
"Nobody loves me!"

and you get a smile on your face, you got it!

Nobody wants to be famous!

Imagine what could happen if we winked at life and start to be playful with it.
But how do we start to play with life?
It’s easier than you think!

Unlock the power of playfulness and embrace a new perspective on life. With a simple shift in mindset, you can discover the joy and humor in everyday situations. Let this book be your guide to a more lighthearted approach to living, and prepare to be surprised by the endless possibilities that await.
Read until the end it's funny if you see the joke!

What is the idea?

You have a yellow t-shirt and a red clown nose with you.
Then simply participate in any daily or boring activity with a stylish new approach. We call this approach your “ Insta-Style”.
An example might be, when you drink a coffee, read the newspaper or run errands. While doing this, use your 'Insta style' with some self-mockery and shoot a nice photo or video.
I.e. try to imagine that while you are drinking, you never had seen such an amazing cup of coffee and this expression we call, your “Insta-Style”.
Be creative and your true authentic yourself.

Has Nobody inspired you?


If Nobody has inspired you, tag your photos or short 15 sec. videos with #nobodyisdivine and they may get featured here on the

Walk of Fame!


If you find yourself in places that we should know use the hashtag #nobodywashere

Unlock your imagination and join us on a journey of creativity and inspiration. Visit our website regularly and let it be a source of joy and laughter that will leave you with a smile on your face. Together, through the power of likes and community, we will answer the question:

Who will be the winner of the
"Nobody of the Year 2023" Award?

IMG_0804.HEIC, for you

Acting without words
Show your ‘Insta style’ character with some self-mockery:

Who's crazy here?

Appear as 'Insta Style' in normal situations

#nobodywashere #Benirass # Ibiza

Performing without action

See what happens…

When Nobody shows up

Try to 'act normal'

Acting by doing nothing, just observing

and allow others to re-‘act’


Who will be the first.gif


share images of being a nobody in the crowd. Here we post the best ones #nobodyisdivine

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share images visiting special places and add the hashtag #nobodywashere

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