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How To Leave A Toxic Relationship?

Once you identify that you are having a toxic relationship, you need to think about how to leave a toxic relationship. Remember, it takes a lot of courage to step out of a toxic relationship. But, the earlier you decide to leave, the less harm to your mental state. If you decided to take this brave step, here are some stages of leaving a toxic relationship, that can help you deal with it.

Stages Of Leaving A Toxic Relationship

Before digging deep in how to leave a toxic relationship, lets’ explore stages of leaving a relationship to get better understanding of leaving process.

1. Analyze The Relationship

Firstly, identify the nature of the relationship. If the other person is trying to be manipulative in the relationship and not respecting you, analyze your relationship. You can also learn about the signs of a toxic relationship.

2. Talk To Them

Talk with them about your thoughts and plan. Be very clear and realistic about your concerns. If you feel talking is no longer safe at this moment, leave a text for them about your decision.

3. Cut Off Ties

Once you decided to part ways from a toxic relationship, disconnect yourself from that person completely. Don't stay in touch with them to track their activities. It will only hurt you more to stay connected with them at this point.

4. Stick To Your Decision

Be very firm about your decision. Don't behave in a confused manner. If you're brave enough to take this decision, then you can stay on your word. Remember what they have done to you.

5. Use Crying As A Relaxer

Feeling blue after doing so is normal. You can cry to let the pressure of those feelings release. Crying can help you cope with the distress and discomfort feeling arises at the time of departing ways. But, don’t make this your habit.

6. Seek Therapy If Needed

If you feel low all the time and have difficulty dealing with this distress, seek therapy from a mental health counselor.

Changes You Need To Leave A Toxic Relationship

After getting to know how to leave a toxic relationship, one must be aware of the changes one needs to leave that relationship.

Learn To Let Things Go

Incorporate the habit of letting things go instead of roaming around them constantly. Once you start working on this habit, stepping out of a toxic relationship wouldn't be a pain in the neck for you. Believe that whatever is meant for you will reach you. Similarly, what is not meant for you, will not stay with you even after your countless efforts.

Realize Your Self-Worth

Believe that you deserve better than what you are dealing with. Every individual is born with his dignity. If a relationship is not maintaining it or challenging it, you don't deserve to be treated like that. Realization of your self-worth would be a significant assistance in deciding to leave a toxic relationship.

Accept The Fact

Be honest with yourself. Accept that leaving this relationship would hurt you a lot. But this hurt would be temporary and lesser than the continuous hurt of staying in this relationship. Believe that you only need to work on your mental strength to cope with this trauma.

Don’t Wait For Them To Change

If you identified a toxic relationship, waiting for them to change will be the worse you can do to yourself. Put all your strengths together and step yourself out of the toxicity.

Build A Support Network

Discuss the situation with your well-wishers. It could be anyone either from your family, your friends, or your partner. Doing so will help you believe that you have someone on your back to support you. If leaving a toxic relationship arises some safety concerns for you, a support network is also helpful to deal with that.

You can move with your well-wishers for that period and alert your coworkers and friends not to share your details. Changing your phone number will also help you to stay safe.

Give Yourself Some Time

When you decide to leave a toxic relationship, you start seeing the world from a black-and-white perspective only. You start believing that happiness will no longer exist in your life now. Give yourself some time to heal. Trust that things will change over time and you'll restart a new happy journey soon.

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Happiness Lies Inside You

Your mind holds significant powers. Happiness and sadness are in your control. Consider this trauma as learning instead of regretting. With time, you'll learn that only you can make yourself happy.

Stages Of Recovery From A Toxic Relationship

Once you have been through all the stages of leaving a toxic relationship, you need to know about the recovery phase as well. These stages will help you identify, whether are you switching towards a healthy state or still battling at the same point.

1. Self-Doubt

In the beginning, you'll start doubting yourself. You'll start considering yourself responsible for this all. At this stage, you need to recall all efforts you put on to continue with this relationship.

2. Learning Begins

Then you'll start reflecting on it. You'll get to know how they behaved and how you tolerated them. At this stage, people usually research traits of each other. In the end, you'll learn that you compromised a lot and the fault is not yours.

3. Clarity Arises

Things will be getting clear at this point. You’ll realize the importance of this experience in your life.

4. Breaking The Ties From Head

At this point, individuals start setting themselves free of all guilt. You'll distance yourself from the person physically and emotionally. You stop thinking about that person and start moving forward in life.

5. Healing Begins

You'll find out reasons to bloom in life. You'll feel free from that traumatic effects.

6. Acceptance Arises

At this stage, you’ll figure out the meaning of this happening in your life. Now you’ll accept that completely and will move forward in your life.


Why Is Leaving A Toxic Relationship So Hard?

Leaving a toxic relationship is hard due to the emotional ties and time you truly invested in your relationships.

How Long It Takes To Get Over A Toxic Relationship?

It depends upon the duration and nature of the relationship along with your mental strength. You can get over a toxic relationship within a couple of months completely.

How To Detach Yourself Emotionally From A Toxic Person?

Once you realize your self-worth, you'll get to know how you should be treated. Face the reality, trust yourself, and believe that you deserve so much better than this. This realization will help you to detach yourself from a toxic person.

How Do I Get Out Of A Toxic Relationship Mentally?

Seek support from your friends and take therapy if needed. Furthermore, identifying your worth and facing the reality can help you get out of a toxic relationship mentally.


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